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A creative mountainside home in the Cliffs at Mountain Park Community.  A garden that thrives in full sun, pathways that lead and delight as you walk through a space full of perennial curiosities.  Pathways that add structure to the natural landscape that flows from ornamental plantings into native plantings.

A Contemporary Space for a Family to Entertain, Play, and Relax.  Faux Turf allows this lawn space to stay green year round under the shade of hardwood trees.  The bluestone terrace offers a destination for friends to come and hang.  Designed by Caroline Barrick Landscape Design, Installed by Homestead Landscaping, and Styled by Shannon Sowers Lifestyle. 

Contemporary entertaining space for clients, friends, and family.  A home tucked into the Laurel Grove Community with a dream of an all season, contemporary outdoor space: a pool, an outdoor kitchen, safe play spaces for their children, and a chic firepit terrace for winter night gatherings.  Designing within our constraints of existing sloped terrain and a septic drain field, this fun, straight line, modern themed outdoor space came into fruition.   

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