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Caroline Bowles Barrick is a landscape designer and LEED Green Associate based in Greenville, SC.  A native of Augusta, Georgia, Caroline received her Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia.  Working in multidisciplinary firms early in her career, Caroline's professional background has been formed through years of experience working within the residential landscape design industry, collaborating with like minded professionals, as well as on site experience as a project manager and Soil and Erosion Control Inspector.  Caroline's experience includes both micro and macro scales of design, from large multi-use and residential projects in Atlanta and Greenville to small planting plans for pocket parks in Athens and courtyard gardens in historic downtown Charleston. Caroline's current focus is solely in residential landscape design.


Pairing her professional experience with her adventurous nature and love of exploring and understanding the synchrony between the built and natural environments, Caroline uses this as a source of creativity to create concepts for her designs.  Caroline tailors each project to meet the client's end goal for their home, based on the existing physical context of the property, the client's personal taste, the architecture of the home, their style, their needs, and their budget. Caroline works with the existing topography and environment of each site to create a tasteful, enjoyable, and lasting outdoor experience for each of her clients. From clean contemporary lines of a modern pool landscape to the whimsical design of ecological pollinator gardens, each project has its own unique design and style.  

Professional Experience:

In 2012, while in school, Caroline worked under Josh Koons of Koons Environmental Design in Athens, GA.  Her internship brought her to downtown Charleston where she worked under Glen Gardner, LA for the summer of 2012.  In 2012, Caroline also earned the LEED Green Associate certification through the United States Green Building Council.  Upon graduating in 2013, Caroline took a job with Bellwether Landscape Architects in Atlanta, GA where she worked on high end residential landscape design. For the past several years, before going off on her own, Caroline worked for Arbor Engineering as a landscape designer, LEED Green Associate, and CEPSCI inspector. During this time she also serving as the secretary for the USGBC Upstate Branch. 

Current Works:

Caroline is currently designing projects in several areas around the Upstate including The Cliffs at Keowee Springs, The Cliffs at Mountain Park, and the surrounding Simpsonville & Greenville area.

When Caroline is not working she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling, and entertaining. 

Caroline Barrick


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